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I perform weddings.

I am a Minister ordained by Universal Life Church. I perform weddings in the state of California and have joined in marriage some old friends and some new acquaintances who welcomed me to their extended families.

My sermons strive to be like the stories from "This American Life" at their best: not very long, full of humor but with a poignancy that lingers, and detailing what's remarkable about everyday things like abiding love. I have no ties to any religion and I am not a good match for a solemn, orthodox service.   If on the other hand you want your guests to hear the story of the bride and groom told by a confident public speaker and an experienced raconteur that will strike the right notes of vivid emotion, while still geting everyone on to the cocktail hour before their tailbones turn numb, and if you want a mix of old traditions and new ones, I might be the right choice.

Since writing sermons the way I do takes a long time, I have to be choosy about how many weddings I agree to do, but I consider it an honor to be invited to be part of a bride and groom's special day. If you're interested in my services, let's meet and see if we're a good match for each other. Write to me at minister myles (all one word) at gmail dot com to set up a time to talk.

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My wife and I married on a perfect day in a perfect location with our perfect families and our perfect cake. My wife wore a perfect dress, my sister sang a perfect song, and everyone had a perfect time. The one thing, however, that was above and beyond perfection was Myles Nye as our minister. Myles brought the perfect amount of gravitas, showmanship, and style to our ceremony. He connected deeply with Nicole and I, and engaged our guests with a genuine warm spirit.

Myles was professional, Myles was funny, Myles was sweet, Myles was entertaining, Myles made me laugh, and Myles made me cry. Myles was the most perfect part of our perfect day.
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We have a lot of top moments from the wedding, but our favorite is definitely the ceremony. We were so lucky to have Minister Myles. He really helped us personalize our ceremony. Myles met with us individually to tell our own point of view of our love story. He captured it all, and told the most beautiful story of #melceylove on the wedding day. We’ve received so many compliments on how touching our ceremony was, and Myles was definitely a huge contribution to that. We were also really thankful that Myles has a great sense of humor. Kelcey and I joke around a ton, and Myles was the perfect person to incorporate our love of laughter into the day.