This is a partial gallery of challenges I've contributed to Survivor on CBS. My boss, John Kirhoffer, has been the Challenges Producer on the show since Season 1. He's the one who took a chance on me in 2005 and hired me as a games consultant despite having no experience working in television. My first season was China. John along with the design staff and the Dream Team are the ones who make these games TV worthy. But there have been instances where the nugget came from an idea I suggested. Some of these are below.

In case you're wondering what it's like to be a challenge consultant on Survivor, sometimes it's like this. We are play testing a game in the parking lot. In the game, a blindfolded player attempts to catch another player, who is wearing a small bell. The player wearing the bell is also carrying another, heavier bell and trying to ring it, but the clapper is tied up in burlap (hessian) and rope. Whoever succeeds first, the tagger or the ringer, wins a point.