Who's Watching "Whose Line" Anyway?

I am an improviser, meaning I have done shows at 8 PM on weekends in well-lit theaters for paying audiences for over 10 years and sometimes I got money to do it. The show I do, ComedySportz, at the National Comedy Theater, is the longest running show in LA. I love doing the shows there, and ComedySportz is my family.  I am also part of the national and worldwide ComedySportz family and it makes me proud.

I use a lot of Twitter and a bit of Facebook plus some Google+ and LinkedIn. I play Foursquare. I get social media. I don't know anyone who's talking about Whose Line Is It Anyway? Is it that improvisers aren't watching it? Are non-improvisers? It's so strange: this formative show that was a masterpiece on British television and always good on ABC and now it's back on TV and I don't care enough to watch it. Does it connect with audiences like it used to? Why aren't more ComedySportz people piggybacking on the return of this show to TV in marketing materials? If they did, would ticket sales go up? 

I understand that more people would see this if it were a Note on Facebook but I also don't care.