Our first visit to the Magic Castle

They only allow you to take photos in the lobby. The bookcase slides back when you murmur the password, "SEXYGARFIELD."

When my wife and 2 other guests from our party were away from the table, I discovered to my surprise I had a second tie in my blazer's inside pocket. I changed ties while they were gone. My wife was the first to notice, although it was a couple hours later. The magic and the company both were much more interesting than my neckwear.

Thanks to John and Jessica, to Aaron and Laura, and to Jeff and Andy for being such great company.

OK the story here is there was an awful woman, whom we called "Peroxide" because she used a lot, who had been cut off by the bar and was drunken, disorderly, and immensely trashy. It was a "the most obnoxious person in the room wants everyone to know the titleholder is present" sort of situation. In this photo, we're pretending to be her.